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Mechelle Moore

Research Assistant
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Mechelle's Bio

Mechelle Moore is a gender based-violence advocate & anti-human trafficking specialist, with more than 15 years of experience in child protection across the Asia Pacific region. Mechelle is the Chief Executive Officer – Asia of Global Alms Incorporated and the founder of 'Yes She Matters'; a trauma informed, client-centred, survivor-led program for victims and survivors of trafficking and gender-based violence.


An experienced and internationally accredited trainer in child trauma and child protection, Mechelle also holds various diplomas in management & leadership, risk management & security, training design & development, modern applied psychology, and clinical trauma, specializing in sex trafficking & sexual exploitation. Mechelle has provided consultation, training, and seminars on anti-trafficking strategies and investigations for the Royal Thai Police, Australian Defence Force personnel, international non-government organisations, industry professionals and foreign delegations.


Mechelle was engaged as a subject matter expert on sexual exploitation and abuse in Southeast Asia by Charles Sturt University for research into transnational organised crime in the Mekong region, a collaborative research project with DT Global and DT Institute. Mechelle was also engaged as a subject matter expert in human trafficking and transnational organised crime for the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies masters subject CSU532 Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective. Mechelle featured in the documentary “Trafficked to Australia” developed by Salt House Creative and released in 2022.


Mechelle’s current works include the “Impact of Human Trafficking – Thailand”, the “Role of Women in Human Trafficking”, and “Family and Domestic Violence: Victimization and Perpetration”. 

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