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Assoc. Prof. Amber McKinley

B.LibS, MCJ, Ph.D.

Director and Chief Researcher
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Amber's Bio

Associate Professor. Amber McKinley (B.LibS, MCJ, Ph.D.) is Larkley Pty Ltd's Director and Chief Researcher. She is a Clinical and Forensic Victimologist and a senior lecturer at Charles Sturt University's (CSU) Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS).

She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Studies from the University of Western Sydney, a Master of Criminal Justice from Monash University and a Doctor of Philosophy from Bond University. Her doctoral thesis was completed with the NSW Police Force on "Homicide Solvability and Applied Victimology in New South Wales, 1994-2013”.

Her current research includes: victimological study of risk of death by suicide through the lens of thanatology. recidivistic behaviour of sexual offence perpetrators; the impact of Technology Facilitated Sexual Violence (TFSV) on victims, temporal aspects for interpersonal violence; Subject precipitated homicide in Australia; Australia’s non-imputable killers: not guilty by reason of mental illness; Conditional vulnerability: sexual violence; Victim vulnerabilities of Serial Homicide; Role of women as offenders in Human Trafficking.

ASPRO McKinley works with the Australian Defence Force, Joint Military Police Unit, the Australian Federal Police and for state police forces and coroners.​

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